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Batman The Chase

Batman The Chase
The objective is to prevent Joker from driving his car and littering with Joker cards. You must stop him by bumping his car with your Batmobile. During your journey you collect power ups.

Batman Mystery of the Batwoman

Batman Mystery of the Batwoman
You must assist the caped crusader to rescue Batwoman from the evil Penguin and his men in this great adventure game. You fight your way through Gotham City by taking down your enemies.

Batman Gotham Dark Knight

Batman Gotham Dark Knight
In this adventure you are to stop the Joker and diffuse all his bombs to save the City.

Batman Shooter

Batman Shooter
This is a shooter where you help Batman save the city by shooting down your enemies.

Batman vs Mr Freeze

Batman vs Mr Freeze
Represent Batman by journing through this adventure to take down his arch rival Mr. Freeze. This one is addictive.

Batman Ice Cold Getaway

Batman Ice Cold Getaway
Mr. Freeze steals a priceless collection of diamonds from the city Museum. His powers increase because of the diamonds and he is stronger than ever. Avoid iceberg attacks and get the diamonds back!

Batman The Cobblebot Caper

Batman The Cobblebot Caper
Play as the Dark Knight and destroy all the bad guys though side scroll adventure.

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Batman has been recognized as a popular comic book hero since the DC Comics created him back in 1939. The story is interesting as it evolves from its early stages from the Comics to a Television series, followed by a few very popular movies. Not to mention there are numerous amounts of animated cartoons available as well. If one was ever to compare the Dark Knights popularity, you can compare it to Superman and and Spider Man. These three together can be rated as the most popular icons in the comic book industry. Apart from these wonderful things, we can now even play Batman games online.

The powers that he has make him an entertaining character for game play. If we look back we can see that the first of a series that were ever released was in 1986. It was an action adventure game which was introduced as a single player game and then later reproduced as a two player game.

There are a few other released and made available to the Personal Computer. The Caped Crusader was one of them. Then in 1989 we saw game releases for home console systems such as the NES which later on evolved over to the Nintendo Game Boy. This game was titled Return of the Joker and it was released in 1991.

Shortly after when the PlayStation became a hit, you were able to see development of games for this system swell. Some of the most popular ones were released for the PlayStation.

As of recent years the gaming industry has exploded with fun packed games in the arcades, all the leading console gaming systems such as the PlayStation 3, Xbox and Nintendo's Wii. But best of all you can play them on our website for free. You are no longer restricted to purchasing these games to play at the comfort of your own home and you can simply play online at your own convenience.


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